Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup for Cell Phones: Myth Debunked!

If you have been searching for a site providing completely free reverse phone number look up for a cell phone number, you are probably exhausted and still don't have the information you need. Even if you read through various internet articles on the subject, just praying that someone would fill you in on that elusive website, I am sure you didn't find what you were looking for.

This is because there is no hidden website. If free cell phone reverse lookup was possible, it wouldn't be hard to find because it would be spread by word of mouth instantly. This is a service in hot demand since cell phone numbers are not stored in the same way as landline numbers.

Listing all registered cell phone numbers in a completely open location would make life easier when you need to find out exactly who is calling you, but it would also eliminate some of the perks that come with a cell phone. There is a level of security believing that a bill collector can't just look up your cell number and start calling as they please.

Articles and other internet resources claiming to provide free reverse phone look up for cell phone numbers usually rely on methods that simply are not accurate and rarely, if ever, provide the results you need. Following their directions will be a huge waste of time, for very sound reason.

Search Engines

Some sources recommend going to Google or whatever search engine you prefer and quickly searching for the phone number in question. This is rumored to direct you to sites where the listed owner of that cell phone number has posted their personal details, which may include their cell number. The drawback is very few people use their cell phone number on the internet for the very same reason most people would rather it not be broadcasted in a directory for anyone to search: they don't want strange people calling their cell phone.

It is sometimes believed that cell phone numbers may be pulled from auction sites like EBay or shopping sites where the owner may have previously bought something, but this offers nothing of value to you. These sites do not openly reveal personal information used in a purchase, otherwise no one would buy from them over the internet. When you purchase an item online, such as Ebay, you use a protected forum where your secured from public viewing. A search engine is not going to search the contact records of a shopping site and retrieve a phone number. It just doesn't work in that manner.

Also, you cannot get someone's personal information from a phone number provided to EBay, and even if you could the most it would lead you to is a screen name, which is likely to be just as useful as the phone number you already have.

Internet Phone Books

If you could go to or other phone directories and find private information only from a cell number then there wouldn't be such a high demand for cell phone number reverse lookup websites. Anyone recommending you enter a cell phone number at these phone book sites in order to find the name of the owner is throwing away space and time. Enough said.

The only effective way to identify the name behind that number that has you worried is to render a minor charge to a legitimate reverse phone lookup directory. Some websites may charge a very nominal fee to utilize the service for one number search, while others may grant you access to unlimited searches. No matter what you get for your money, the charge should be rather cheap with a legitimate service.

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